What We Hope To See In The Woods Map Expansion

Battlestate Games have confirmed that the next map to receive an expansion would be the Woods map. They have shared may details which we covered in our article What We Know About The Woods Map Expansion; however, we know they didn’t share everything. Here are what we hope to see in the upcoming Woods map expansion coming to Escape From Tarkov.

Underground Tunnel Network

ZB-014 Underground Bunker
ZB-014 Underground Bunker

One common complaint with the Woods map is a majority of the play area is one dimensional. The few hills and dips in the land is not enough to prevent players from being spotted from very far distances. This makes traversing the central hot spots of the map difficult; especially for new players still learning the map and the game. Because of this, we want a new underground tunnel network to be added that connects the east side of the map to the west so players aren’t forced to cross the central hot spots in the open. This can be similar to the expanded underground system we received on the Reserve map expansion. This provides options on how to travel across the map. And, introduces close quarters combat opportunities that are very rare currently on the map.

An underground tunnel network not only improves the flow of the map, but it also works well with the lore. Currently, there are already two Terragroup bunker entrances on the map, ZB-014 and ZB-016. We do not believe these locations will be modified heavily as they are currently extract locations. Instead, it would be simpler to add additional bunker entrances that lead into an underground tunnel network. Perhaps a ZB-018 and ZB-020 bunker that leads to a Terragroup research facility or a weapon storage depot. Such a change will introduce new looting opportunities and possibly a new way off the map which leads us to…

New Extracts

Every map expansion that came out this year included new extract locations that required some steps to utilize. Reserve’s new D-2 extract required you to turn on the power in the new underground facility. Customs introduced ZB-013 that required the power to be turned on to access the bunker extract locked behind a gate requiring the Factory Exit Key. And Interchange added Killa’s Saferoom Exfil that required a new keycard, a hidden button to be pressed and, you guessed it, power to be turned on.

Woods Expansion Preview
Expansion Preview Shows Power Lines Added To New Area

Thus, it would make sense if the Woods expansion provided us with a new extract that required tasks to utilize. We can assume it will require turning power on as that appears to be a consistent trend across the other map expansions. This is supported by an image of a new area to Woods that Battlestate Games shared earlier. The image shows a new lumber yard area with power lines and towers connecting them. Perhaps the power will be located in Schturman’s new village area and the extract in the underground bunker network.

New Shturman Stash Location

Shturman's Common Fund Stash In Woods
Shturman’s Common Fund Stash

Despite not sharing any previews of the location, Battlestate Games have confirmed that Shturman can spawn in a brand new village area of the map. We expect the village will consist of more lumberyard buildings and cabins. Perhaps one of the cabins will belong to Schturman himself. This house will have a new common fund stash location where he keeps his guns and liquor. The common fund stash is a loot container that requires the Shturman Key to open. You can only acquire this key by killing Shturman and looting it off of his body. The container is located in the heart of the lumber camp which makes it very dangerous to open as you are exposed to any scavengers or PMCs. Hopefully, an additional common fund stash will make it easier to use the key.

Marked Location and Cultists

Marked Circle On Woods
Marked Circle Created By The Cultists

With new areas and locations being added to the map there are plenty of opportunities for BSG to incorporate their mysterious cultists. The cultists already have a mark on the Woods map with their Marked Circle location near the military checkpoint. Since the cultists already operate in the area it would make sense if their presence is found in the expansion area as well. Perhaps a new marked key is required to access a locked cabin in Shturman’s village where the cultists have made it sacred ground for their offerings to their deity. Maybe we will even see the cultists themselves finally introduced to the game with this expansion.

Sniper Scavs

Woods has always been credited as the sniper map given its outdoor landscape and far engagement distances. However, there is only a single sniper scavenger to be found on the map! The only sniper scav that spawns on Woods is located in the mountains above Rock Passage extract. With the map being expanded we believe the developers will add additional sniper scavs to the map. It makes sense story-wise with the map’s setting and will add a sense of danger when traveling to the newer areas. Hopefully, it will make Woods a viable option to play when working on Jaeger’s “The Tarkov Shooter” – Part 6 quest where he makes you kill 7 sniper scavs with bolt-action rifles.

Landmines and Sniper Areas

When BSG introduced the Reserve map to Escape From Tarkov they added a new border system. If players tried to leave the map at certain areas, then they will meet an unfortunate end due to sniper rifle or landmines. This system added to the immersion of the world and served a better boundary than a simple walled in area. These features have also been added to the Shoreline and Customs map. As a result, it would make sense for the new Woods map expansion area to Escape From Tarkov to also include a border enforced by Sniper Fire.

If you enjoyed our list of what we hope to see in the Woods map expansion coming to Escape From Tarkov, then be sure to check out our other articles.

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