What We Know About The Woods Map Expansion

We have seen a great deal of content to Escape From Tarkov this year with new features, new weapons and items and much needed map expansions. Interchange, Customs and Reserve have all been improved upon with new extracts, locations and map features. And Battlestate Games is not done yet. The next map to be expanded will be Woods. Nikita and the devs have been sharing more information on the expansion and we’ve gathered it all here. Here’s what we know about the upcoming Woods map expansion.

Increased Size

The playable area of the Woods map will double in size. Lead game designer, Nikita Buyanov, has stated multiple times that the map will grow by 2.0 to 2.5 times in size. They have mentioned in the past that the Woods map will be expanded behind the “Spine” mountains located in the center of the map. The map will expand in the direction towards the Rock Passage extract.

However, it is unlikely that the map will double in size by only expanding in that direction. That would change the map into a T shape which would not be an improvement to the current design. We believe that a new underground bunker system will be added to the map. It would be like the ZB-014 and ZB-016 bunkers, but much bigger and interconnected. Perhaps it will be an old Terragroup military or reserach facility hidden in the landscape.

Confirmed New Locations

Emercom Camp

These images shared during the TarkovTV devblog are the best showcase of what to expect from the Woods expansion. Not only do we get a comprehensive aerial view of a new location, but we can also easily identify where it is located. This new Emercom Camp will be located near the RUAF Checkpoint by the Rubble and Crashed Car In The Lake. What makes this notable is it serves as a showcase that parts of the existing map will be improved upon and not just the new expanded area.

Currently, this area is an open field that is very dangerous to cross with multiple sniper locations and a clear line of sight across the field. The addition of this camp will help limit the sight range while providing incentive for players to be in the area. The camp appears to be a makeshift medical location with multiple ambulances and medical tents. Maybe we will get lucky with a LEDX spawn here?

Abandoned Lumber Yard

We know that the Woods map will be expanded in the direction behind the “Spine” mountains and we believe this image shared on Nikita’s Instagram page is our first look at this area. The image appears to showcase two run-down lumber buildings. Could this be a new spawn location for the scav boss, Schturman? The devs have shared that Schturman will have a base somewhere in the new area where he can spawn at. However, as these buildings appear to be located right at the entrance of the new area it would be unlikely for the devs to spawn the scav boss there. Most likely, Schturman’s camp will be situated a little further into the expansion area.

During the TarkovTV devblog, Nikita confirmed that players will be able to access the rocks near or where sniper scav spawns without requiring high strength skills or stims. In the image we above we can see a path in the upper left of the photo that leads up the cliffside. We can expect paths such as these for players to access high vantage points on the map.

Will The Woods Map Expansion Be Released In 2020?

The target for the Woods expansion is 2020. That only leaves a few short weeks for the developers to meet that deadline. We are confident that the map expansion will come out in December 2020; most likely arriving close to Christmas accompanied by a holiday discount to the game. Nikita has shared that the team is in a heavy crunch period. With Streets of Tarkov being delayed into 2021 the team is most likely working as hard as they can on the Woods expansion to deploy it this year.

Check out other news and updates to the game such as the key points from the TarkovTV Devblog or check out our interactive Woods loot map here.

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